Yves (이브) – New


nuneul tteo, bara bon ni moseu beun
daga gal su eobseul deut, nun busyeo
neo cheoreom, dwego shipdeon nae mami
neoro gadeuk chae weo jyeo, mul deureo

jeomjeom deo taeyang e, daga seoryeo
ta beorin nal gae jit soge
chora han nae, moseub, geuttae gyeou
alge doen nae, New Days

All My Life, By My Life
nareul bwa jweo, ije
All My Life, By My Life

dalkom han, yuhok cheoreom pieo nan
nae ane tto dareun, nae moseub
geoul ane, bichweo jin nae eolguri
nugen ji naege mutge dwae

chagaun saebyeok nyeok, gonggi soge
biro soya, ttwineun, shimjang
dangdang hi nal, bara, bodeon sungan
alge doen nae, New Face

All My Life, By My Life
nara olla, ije
All My Life, By My Life (Yeah~)
(Oh Whoa Yeah~)

soneul ppeodeo, daheul geon man gata tteon
mudae wie, jomyeong deuri meoreo jigo
Light, nae mam soge bulbichi
joyong hi nae kkumeul, bichweo jul ttae

saeroun, naega nal alge doen
geoya Always, Always All My Life~

saero weo jin, New Days (New~ Day)
All My Life, By My Life (All My Life~)
(Ooh Ooh Ooh Yeah Yeah)

Always, All My Life
nareul mideullae, All My Life
nuga mweoraedo, By My Life
balkeun bicheuro, All My Life
nareul aneullae, All My Life


눈을 떠 바라본 니 모습은
다가갈 수 없을 듯 눈부셔
너처럼 되고 싶던 내 맘이
너로 가득 채워져 물들어

점점 더 태양에 다가서려
타버린 날개 짓 속에
초라한 내 모습 그때 겨우
알게 된 내 new days

all my life by my life
나를 봐줘 이제
all my life by my life

달콤한 유혹처럼 피어난
내 안에 또 다른 내 모습
거울 안에 비춰진 내 얼굴이
누구인지 나에게 묻게 돼

차가운 새벽녘 공기 속에
비로소야 뛰는 심장
당당히 날 바라보던 순간
알게 된 내 new face

all my life by my life
날아올라 이제
all my life by my life

손을 뻗어 닿을 것만 같았던
무대 위에 조명들이 멀어지고
light 내 맘 속에 불빛이
조용히 내 꿈을 비춰줄 때

새로운 내가 날 알게 된 거야
always, always all my life
새로워진 new days
all my life by my life

always all my life
나를 믿을래 all my life
누가 뭐래도 by my life
밝은 빛으로 all my life
나를 안을래 all my life


The look of you when i open my eyes
So bright that i couldn’t dare to approach
My heart that wants to be like you
Gets colored, filled with you

Willing to get closer to the sun
Flapping of the burnt wings
My miserable appearances
Only then i learnt my new days

All my life by my life
Take a look at me now
All my life by my life

Blooming like sweet seduction
Another shape of me found inside of me
My face in the mirror
I ask myself who it is

In the cold breeze of early morning
Pulsating heart
That moment i looked myself squarely
I realized my new face

All my life by my life
Soar up into the sky now
All my life by my life

It all seemed to reachable
The lights on the stage drift apart
Light, the beam inside of my heart
When it shines on my dream quietly

The new me learnt about me
Always, always all my life
Refreshed new days
All my life by my life

Always all my life
I’ll trust myself, all my life
No matter what, by my life
With bright lights, all my life
I’ll hold myself, all my life


Rom: music.naver
Korean: music.naver
Eng: popgasa

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