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As you can already tell, this is a lyric site for Asian Pop songs.
English may occasionally be posted on here as well.
This website is associated with KoreanPopLyricz~ I run that too LOL.
I made this one for more admins/editors/ect purposes, since KPL is kinda my… solo thing. ^_^
Lots of people been asking if they could help out, and I kinda wanted to make a separate one for helpers, keke.
( Updates on here will be slower than KPL ;; )

Some songs might need corrections either with the color coding or the romanization, so I would appreciate all the help I can get! As the busy person I am, if there’s numerous corrections, it gets very difficult.

Not all songs will be completely color coded or translated, but might be edited in the future.


Where can I find the K/C/J/T lyrics?
Thai – Artist/Group’s website
Korean – music.daum / Group’s Fan Forum / jpopasia
Japanese – jpopasia / animelyrics
Chinese – Rely on people in the comments

I’m not 100% sure where to find Chinese lyrics, so if you know, pls tell me! Lol.
Translations normally come from popgasa ;;

Why don’t you have lyrics from ___?
As I’m more familiar with Kpop and Jpop, posts will mainly be in those categories.
I’m open for other groups, tho!
If there’s no color codes anywhere for that group, it’ll take a while (slow at telling voices apart)
If they do have cclyrics somewhere, I will go to that site and use that (I give credits to them too~)

Will you do lyrics to various Anime?
Of course! I love Anime~ (they have the best OST’s omfg).

Can I be an Editor/Admin/ect. on this site?
Sure! On this WP, I’m gonna allow people to help (Admin position will only go to close friends). Just make sure if you post, check and see if lyrics to that specific song have already been posted! I don’t want repeats. ㅋㅋ

Hey, where are the credits?
Credits will always be at the very bottom of the post! It can be easily missed if you scroll fast lol.
(Got accused of ‘stealing’ on KPL even tho I gave credit like what lol).


Enjoy the website! Have any questions/requests?
Comment below or tweet me @ heerin_x.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Can I request the following lyrics?? 🙂

    [Album] U-KISS – Memories
    [Album] B1A4 – 2
    [Mini Album] MBLAQ – Broken
    [Mini Album] 100% – BANG the Bush

    Thanks ❤

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